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Automating Grocery Packing

Automate your fulfillment center packing with our adaptive food & grocery picking robot Noyce (built with our adaptive gripper and AI-powered perception).

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How? With Noyce, piece-picking automation robot, powered by our innovations in flexible gripping and AI computer vision.

Online ordering is skyrocketing, labor shortage is becoming commonplace – It’s time to automate. Flexible piece-picking for mass fulfillment center packing is the solution.

The Unrivaled Adaptive Gripper Read More

This is where things get exciting. All robotic grippers to date miss one key component to automate the food packing process: the human touch.

Our core innovation is precisely that, a robotic gripper that perfectly adapts to the softness of the object it holds. Kind of like a Golden Retriever holding an egg in its mighty jaw without breaking the shell. Plus, it is food-agnostic and perfectly aligned with the latest health and safety regulations, making it ideal for handling food.

Computer Vision Systems Read More

To make our robotics solutions uniquely refined, we build custom computer vision systems using deep learning methods for fast and accurate object detection and recognition.

We’ve made our robots both gentle and smart to see, recognize, and handle even the most delicate items you can imagine. Thanks to our CV models, you are more likely to squish a raspberry than our robots.

More Robotics Underway

We have no intention of stagnating. While our existing solutions are revolutionizing food tech and online e-groceries, we’re working on other, equally relevant ideas in the world of robotics and computer vision.


Solutions for Your Fulfillment Center Automation

Noyce robotic system is meticulously crafted to enable your fulfillment centers a significantly increased level of automation. Engineered for seamless integration with industry-standard APIs, comprehensive documentation, and adaptability to accommodate varied workflows and workspaces, our solution promises a streamlined deployment experience. 

Powered by our proprietary software, Noyce excels in adaptive handling of an extensive product range, with a focus on precision and reliability in every pick operation, whether you’re grabbing a raspberry or a piece of bread.

We currently have two turnkey solutions automating the process of food packing, as well as ensuring unparalleled standards of quality control.

Robotic Cell for Adaptive Piece-Picking Order Fulfillment - Noyce

Noyce integrates seamlessly with existing warehouse logistics processes to automate key tasks such as picking and placing a wide range of items – vegetables, packed food goods, cans, bottles, bread, etc. Noyce achieves adaptive picking through the use of our robotic gripper that enables dynamic item gripping while being safe for use in a clean environment. Our software integrates with your OMS, enabling supply chain managers to have full control over their productivity metrics.

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AI Computer Vision System for Order Fulfillment and Quality Control - DeepEye

DeepEye handles bin picking from a cluttered space, allowing Noyce to handle tasks such as picking a single tomato from a box full of tomatoes with ease. DeepEye can also identify item defects such as rotten fruit or vegetables and tell Noyce to toss the unwanted item aside. Our cameras can be equipped with a barcode scanner for added packing flexibility.

It’s possible to install DeepEye as a standalone system without Noyce, allowing your human pickers to have another layer of quality control in the packing processes by detecting picking mistakes and warning the human picker through audio/visual means to correct the mistake.

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thtRobotics is bringing much needed innovation to traditional fulfillment centers and pioneering the development of fully automated micro-fulfillment centers across the world. Through our single-item piece-picking robotic cell and our AI-powered computer vision system, our robots can enable supply chain managers to reach near complete automation.

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