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Noyce Fulfillment Center Automation System

The missing component in complete factory automation

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The ultimate robotic system for meal kit companies and online e-groceries

The only single-item piece-picking solution your fulfillment center needs to reach full automation

Noyce robotic system automates complex tasks and streamlines your fulfillment center picking and packing processes by offering adaptive packing options, no matter what your item packing requirements are. With our proprietary blend of software and hardware, we help our clients achieve error-free packing for items such as: fruit, vegetables, household groceries, bottles, cans, and even cosmetics and medical goods. With an ability to handle over 10.000 unique items today, we offer a possibility of customizing our solution to fit your unique needs. 

Automation is hard, but it does not have to be. With our unique business model, you can automate your fulfillment centers hassle free and with minimal process interruption. Have a look at some collateral below, and reach out to us when you are ready to chat!

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Single-item piece-picking adaptive gripper - Dexter

Our innovation – Dexter, is the first gripper of its kind that can adaptively grip a wide variety of different items, such as (but not limited to): tomatoes, lemons, raspberries, fresh meat, carton of milk, bread, toilet paper, metal cans, and many, many more items. We achieve this adaptability while matching, and in some cases out matching, the speed of picking and packing of humans.

Dexter can be applied in single-item picking and packing tasks in various industries – – Food, Pharma, Space Technology, and more.

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AI-powered Computer Vision Software – DeepEye

Is it a blueberry? Or a raspberry? Maybe lettuce? This is where our proprietary DeepEye comes into play to support our robotic cell in picking and packing various tasks, or as a standalone product in helping human pickers make fewer mistakes. 

DeepEye uses deep learning methods to help make packing efficient, quick, and error-free. 

When used as a standalone product, DeepEye can alert your pickers to correct the error in time and let them know what to pack instead.

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