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The Robotic System

Innovative robotics in service of humankind

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The ultimate robotic system for meal kit companies and online e-groceries

Our proprietary combination of hardware (the adaptive gripper) and software (the computer vision system) is perfect for handling the most sensitive items meant to be suitable and safe for human consumption.

Companies can use our robotic solution to automate the food packing process, scale faster, eliminate common packing errors, and speed up their operations while meeting all health & safety requirements. Plus, we help food tech companies reduce food waste!

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Meet Our Cutting-Edge Adaptive Gripper

The first and core piece of our robotics puzzle: our unique gripper. It eliminates the need for strenuous physical labor and helps avoid common food packing errors.

Introducing this particular kind of robotics automation in food packing also allows companies to meet the growing demand for their product and serve more customers, faster.

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CV Software – Because Smart is Sensitive and Perceptive

Is it a blueberry? Or a raspberry? Maybe lettuce? This is where computer vision comes into play. Our robotic system uses built-in sensors and AI-driven cameras to recognize each item landing in front of the gripper.

Computer vision software uses deep learning methods to help make packing error-free. If someone on your packing team tries to add the wrong item into the kit, the software will alert them to correct the error in time and let them know what to pack instead.

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