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DeepEye for Quality Control of Manual Packing Processes

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Synched up to your OMS/WMS

If you seek to reduce human error in your packing processes, and boost operational efficiency and profitability, DeepEye can be a true game-changer.

Error-free Quality Control

Automating manual picking and packing quality control helps food producers and online groceries allocate their resources more efficiently, while providing true and accurate packing process metrics across their fulfillment centers. DeepEye helps offset pickers getting tired and losing their focus during tedious, repetitive tasks, and ensures a staggering level of accuracy without interrupting or slowing down the picking and packing process.

Reduce Risk

DeepEye allows your fulfillment center pickers to do more meaningful work, while DeepEye keeps an eye on your manual food packing for optimal, seamless quality control. If the system spots an issue, it will immediately alert the picker to fix the error and log it into the database, thus preventing customer dissatisfaction or health code violations.

Constant Process Optimization & Improvement

DeepEye can be used as a standalone product to enrich your OMS/WMS with real data and metrics, allowing your supply chain management to have better insights and control of your manual picking processes. The data can be used dynamically to make impactful decisions for your fulfillment centers, and strategically to make informed decisions for the future.

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