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Computer Vision for Quality Control

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A Fresh Pair of Eyes

For companies that want to reduce human error in the packing process, and boost operational efficiency and profitability, our computer vision solution can be a true game-changer.

Error-free Quality Control

Automating food packing quality control helps meal kit companies and online e-groceries allocate their resources better. While humans get tired and lose their focus during such tedious, repetitive tasks, computer vision software ensures a staggering level of accuracy without slowing down.

Reduce Risk

This lets enterprises give their workers more meaningful work, while CV keeps an eye on your food packing for optimal, seamless quality control. If the system spots an issue, it will immediately alert your staff to make sure everything is taken care of, thus preventing customer dissatisfaction or health code violations.

Constant Support for Your People

The best part? You can use our CV software independently, without having to leverage our robotic system. This is a cost-effective automation option for companies that either already have an automated packing solution or those that prefer to use CV as a reinforcement and support system for their staff.

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