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The Unrivaled Adaptive Gripper

A Grasp on the Impossible

Aiming to transform the food tech sector to start with, we’ve created the most innovative gripping technology necessary to fully automate and optimize raw food packing.


Patented technology.

While we cannot give away the “secret sauce” behind the technology itself, we’re glad to share some of the crucial ways this tech can be implemented and the features that make it so groundbreaking.

Real-time dynamic adaptability – eliminating the need to readjust its gripping forces, as the gripper itself has the capability to adapt to the object at hand.

Handling a variety of objects of different size, shape, softness, and weight, including soft, squishy edibles like leafy greens or berries.

High-speed, stable gripping performance, allowing companies to pack a significantly greater number of food items every single day, while accelerating the robotic arm doesn’t impact the gripping stability.

Our gripping tech is water-resistant, making it safe and damage-proof even when handling wet objects.

It can be safely washed and disinfected, ensuring its suitability for food handling.

gripping technology is one of a kind

Thanks to its current capabilities and those we are developing, it will have a major impact on numerous industries that need stable, yet adaptable automation solutions.

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